Information Technology – Volume 3 – Issue 4

Editorial It’s our pleasure to present you the 12th volume of the IT journal. This volume covers various articles like Introduction to SAP, a step by step guide on deploying web applications on Amazon cloud, trends in Programming Languages, data visualization tools, introduction to C++ core language functionality features etc. It also gives useful tips […]

Information Technology – Volume 3 – Issue 3

Editorial In the first section we cover articles educating us on smart usage of social networking sites, smart management of personal information. In the second section we present articles on managing IT projects — Implementation of SAP projects and Business Service Management. In the third and final section we cover technical articles describing details of […]

Information Technology – Volume 3 – Issue 2

Editorial We take our pleasure to share the latest and useful information with you all in this 10th volume of Exponent Journal of IT. This volume covers articles on load balancers for professionals working on cloud platform, introduces us to latest IoT technology and discusses the importance of testing and roles played by CSQA in […]