Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 4

Editorial This volume starts with insight on some of the major news from IT world. News covers Google project Fi mobile virtual network operator, self-made wearable computer with Raspberry Pi, Top software defined storage vendors etc… After news section continuing with articles, first article continues with the series of company profile of SAP. So far, […]

Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 1

Editorial Let me begin by extending our gratiude to all our readers for helping us complete four successful years of the Exponent Group of Journals – Information Technology. As we continue our journey into our 5th year, we bring you articles from various areas such as security threat protection, storage infrastructure management, network fundamentals and […]

Information Technology – Volume 4 – Issue 4

Editorial We are pleased to present the 4th volume of IT journal of this year. In this volume we will continue our Virtualization series of articles to host multiple web applications. We have also started a new article series which talk about data center infrastructure. We also introduce you to the process of software selection […]