Information Technology – Volume 7 – Issue 1


We are in seventh year of exponent group of journal and welcomes you to read our first volume of seventh year. As a practice we present you current news from IT world like AI growth in foreign exchange and crypto currency, Traffic hijacking issue faced by Google, project undertaken by Google with London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital to predict eye diseases, news about robo insect created by university of Washigton etc.…

Continuing with our articles, our first article is on Block chain technology. It takes you deeper into technicalities of how Block chain works. It also briefly talks about application of it with limitations. It helps you understand working by walking you through an example.

Technology use has increase multifold in today’s world. With smart phones and IOT usage everything is getting digitized. But this has black side in terms of its carbon foot prints mainly CO2. IT industry contributes 2-3 % to greenhouse emission. We cannot ignore the ill effect of technology on our mother nature and reduction by 2-3 % is also a great achievement. Our next article talks about Green communication, initiatives taken by major industries towards it and challenges going ahead.

Paper is being integral part of our life for so many years and its becoming hard to manage paper records for organizations. Also, environmental impact of paper usage such has greenhouse emission is high. So with the help of technology digitizing papers and documents can help us reduce this to certain extent. Net article essentially educates us about current situation and talks about what is paperless office, how to have a paperless office, its advantages and typical challenges working in paperless offices.

We hope you enjoy reading this volume of exponent group of journal. Wish you happy reading!!


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