Information Technology – Volume 6 – Issue 1


This volume starts with insight on some of the major news from IT world. Our articles follow the news section. Continuing with the SAP article series, the article will introduce us to SAP Labs India. SAP Labs India is a Largest R&D center of SAP outside Germany and has contributed significantly to product strategy and core solutions. It quickly takes us through current Indian market scenario for ERP, SCM, CRM, BI etc. and market share of SAP and other vendors like Microsoft and Oracle. Today, many organizations are moving towards Cloud to optimize operational IT cost. However, nobody wants to own the hardware. Cloud is preferred to host applications on pay per use model. These cloud applications are hosted in data center from where it is accessed. It is very important for data center to be agile for speed and scalable as per demand on fly. And for that its network architecture is very crucial. Next article in this volume walks us through these data-center infrastructure and architecture comparing different network topology design with pros and cons.

In our earlier volumes we have seen computer networks and studied diff erent OSI models and seen different error detection techniques in data transmission. After detecting error in transmission it’s important to correct it as well. Keeping us on same track, next article talks about Error Correction techniques. Security is very key aspect in any organization from accessing to office premises to accessing your own system. So far machine access are based on password while building access are based on swipe cards. Both this methods are vulnerable and there is a need for creating strong option to this. We have heard and seen a lot about use of biometric identification. Even our cell phone has an option of biometric identification, where user can set his figure prints or face recognition to unlock phone. Our next article will you through in detail about various biometric identification methods and how they work. It also highlights advantages and disadvantages of it and educate us about its future trends like mobile payments, online banking, healthcare etc.Few years back personalized marketing service looks like something fictitious with the advent of mobiles and mobile internet, which is no more fiction but a reality.



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