Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 2

In this volume we present articles covering a broad spectrum of Information Technology. We first present the latest news from IT world. After the news section, we start with an article on the importance and various kinds of dashboards used in enterprises for decision making. We then present an article on effectively managing e-waste. We next have an article on quickly building a RESTful web service which is bound to be of interest to students and IT professionals. Finally we cover two articles on increasing our awareness about technology and IT, in particular. The first article briefly describes history and timeline of a very popular technology company SAP, and the second article talks about best practices to avoid falling in phishing trap while using computing devices for official or financial purposes.

Dashboards give concise but comprehensive information about specific aspects of businesses. With automation being used for various activities within enterprises, large amounts are data about various business activities is available. It is imperative for business leaders and management to gain insights from these data feeds in order to improve their processes, or tune their strategies or improve their tactics. In the article “Choose the Right Dashboard”, the author discusses various kinds of dashboards used in enterprises along with their key application domains. The author further discusses how to choose the specific dashboard type depending upon the needs.

Rapid changes in technology, falling prices due to mass production and planned obsolescence have resulted in huge consumption of electrical and electronic devices over the last couple of decades. Consequently, it has resulted in fast growing surplus of electronic waste, aka e-waste, which consists of end-of-life or discarded electronic or electrical appliances, e.g., discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, mobile phones, television sets, cooling appliances, etc. In the article on “E-waste”, the author describes how grave the problem of managing e-waste has become these days. Considering the fact that e-waste consists of valuable materials as well as hazardous and toxic materials, the author describes several mechanisms for effective management of e-waste in order to alleviate the problem of e-waste.




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