Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 1


Let me begin by extending our gratiude to all our readers for helping us complete four successful years of the Exponent Group of Journals – Information Technology. As we continue our journey into our 5th year, we bring you articles from various areas such as security threat protection, storage infrastructure management, network fundamentals and software development model.

As has been the trend in all the previous volumes of the Information Technology journal, we start this volume by exploring the latest news and trends in the I.T. sector all over the world. We then move on to our first article, a very interesting article, about “Wikipedia”. Wikipedia is a web-based, multilingual, free-content encyclopedia written and edited by thousands of people across different geographical continents. The article briefl y covers the history of the origin of the website and its features. The article also talks about different types of access levels that users have to the website and the roles that they can perform.

The next article is on the topic of protecting assets and businesses against the security threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This article is actually a continuation of one of the articles in the previous volume, wherein we explored the use of existing infrastructure to mitigate the DDoS attacks. In the current volume article, we will primarily analyze specialized hardware and technology from specific vendors that help in mitigating the DDoS attacks.

The next article is related to a software development model that is gaining popularity day by day and is called “DevOps”. The article highlights the benefits of the DevOps model and also compares it with the more traditional Software development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. The article also briefly explains the automation tools used in DevOps model as well as how one can manage security related risks that may arise in adopting the DevOps model.




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