Information Technology – Volume 4 – Issue 4


We are pleased to present the 4th volume of IT journal of this year. In this volume we will continue our Virtualization series of articles to host multiple web applications. We have also started a new article series which talk about data center infrastructure. We also introduce you to the process of software selection and also interesting article about DNA sequencing and analyzing information into it.

We will start the volume with latest news and key events from IT industry. In next article we will talk about cloud hosting. Since few years, IT industry has gone through a revolutionary change and “Cloud computing” is pioneering it. Many organizations are adopting cloud technology. It’s very simple to set up our own cloud instance and host applications on it. Exponent group of Journals has already covered hosting single web application on cloud and this article is continuation to that which takes us through the steps of hosting multiple web applications on single Amazon instance.

Science and technology are growing hand in hand. Every aspect of life is touched by IT. Human characteristics are driven by the DNA structure and a lot of information is hidden into it. Next article will talk about DNA sequencing and analysis carried out on it to explore the inside information.

It’s always fascinating to know how computers are connected over network and how do the system
exchanges data seamlessly, what protocol it uses to talk to each other etc. Our next article nicely explains
widely used TCP/IP protocol stack and each of its layer.
For enterprises, today it’s essentially important to host huge applications and data generated by
them in a secured datacenter. Physical resource sharing and scalability of supporting hardware in

datacenter is of utmost importance to host multiple applications. Server virtualizations play pivotal role
on sharing resources. Next article talks about various server options available along with advantages and
disadvantages of them.




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