Information Technology – Volume 4 – Issue 3


As we all know, Information Technology is such a rapidly changing field that newer and better technologies spring up every few months and in turn render existing technologies and tools obsolete. Hence, businesses need to be very agile in adopting right IT tools, software and frameworks to ensure that they don’t fade away not only due to the stiff competition, but also because of lack of regulatory compliance. In this volume of Exponent Group of Journals – Information Technology, we address the above point by presenting those articles that primarily depict the roles, responsibilities and specializations in IT to take businesses to the next level of growth.

As has been the trend so far, we start our volume through the IT – News section by highlighting few of the key events and incidents that occurred in the past quarter around the globe. In the next article, we explore how data storage tools and mechanisms play a critical role in an enterprise. In this article “Storage Area Network – SAN”, we study a specific type of storage mechanism designed to serve specific system architecture. This article covers the different components of SAN, its architecture and some of the key features and benefits of SAN. The article also briefly describes Network Attached Storage which is abbreviated as NAS and the key differences between SAN and NAS.

In the next article, we analyze a key element that forms the basis of information i.e. “data”. In this article, we study an emerging field in information technology world called “Data Science”. In simple terms, data science is the process of drawing meaningful insights from data. As analyzed by Ben Walker, Marketing Executive of vouchercloud, nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day and 90% of world’s total data has been created in the last 2 years. Unfortunately, there is not enough expertise in the market to analyze this humungous volume of data and draw relevant inferences. This article “Data Science – Data – Information – Insight” introduces the emerging field of data science to the readers by unfolding its meaning; exploring its need to the enterprise world and highlighting the different steps in the data science process. The article also talks about a case study of data science, skill sets required by a data scientist and some of the courses available for learning data science.


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