Information Technology – Volume 3 – Issue 4


It’s our pleasure to present you the 12th volume of the IT journal. This volume covers various articles like Introduction to SAP, a step by step guide on deploying web applications on Amazon cloud, trends in Programming Languages, data visualization tools, introduction to C++ core language functionality features etc. It also gives useful tips on making oneself more employable in today’s competitive world. This volume also covers our regular IT news and trivia questions section. The first article in the volume on SAP introduces various functional modules of SAP R/3 system to beginners. Article nicely explains the modules’ functionality and how it integrates with other functional modules in real time environment. Next article talks about web services protocol. It describes the web service protocol stack and its layers, how different roles of web service interact with each other. Article briefly points out importance of web service discovery for successful execution of application and approach for the same. Nevertheless it also covers very important point of security when it comes to protecting digital assets and future trend of web services. In past two introductory articles of C++, we learnt about features like Runtime, Build time performance enhancements and core language usability and functionality enhancement. Current article in the series start from the same page of core language functionality and explains various features like support for multithreading, Thread local storage and special member functions. In the current fierce competitive world of employment it’s imperative for everyone to be abreast with market trends and demands. One should know market demands and accordingly develop required hard and soft skills. Rather than bookish learning it is important to use cutting- edge technology and social media to market ourselves better and make us more employable. The next article talks about this in greater detail giving few tricks on better utilizing our time and new technology. Today development and deployment of web site is very easy job. Thanks to Cloud innovation! Our next article in this volume gives step by step guidance to follow for deployment of website on CentOS Linux instance built on Amazon EC2 which is one of the Web Services provided by Amazon. One can easily get going with the article and deploy his web application.



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