Information Technology – Volume 3 – Issue 2


We take our pleasure to share the latest and useful information with you all in this 10th volume of Exponent Journal of IT. This volume covers articles on load balancers for professionals working on cloud platform, introduces us to latest IoT technology and discusses the importance of testing and roles played by CSQA in testing. It also educates common man with usage of smart phone apps and talks about how our life is influenced and driven by IT today. In company profile this volume covers Facebook and SAP. Like in each volume, this volume also covers latest news from IT industry and trivia. First section of the volume speaks about Load Balancer in Cloud environment and Internet of Things. Article on Load balancing service in cloud environment discusses traditional DNS based approach vs. Cloud approach of load balancing and highlights comparative benefits of opting for Load balancer Cloud service. Article also comparatively summarizes features provided by of different Cloud vendors in the market.

Today we hear a lot about connecting real world with virtual worlds, objects in real world talking to
each other, Smart cities/homes/economies etc. Core technology behind this is “Internet of Things” or IoT. Next article talks about IoT. It explains the basic architecture of IoT and various communication
protocols used in different layers of IoT architecture. Facebook and SAP are among the well-known
companies in the IT industry. One is a leading social networking site and other a pioneer in the ERP
world. Articles on these companies give insight to their journey from beginning, highlights product
portfolio and their industry standing. It also uncovers the industry demands for SAP professionals, skill requirement and various certifications available for that…….

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