Information Technology – Volume 6 – Issue 4

Editorial On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to welcome all our readers to the current volume of Exponent Group of Journals – Information Technology. We first share with you some handpicked news articles covering a gamut of topics ranging from technology advancement such as artificial intelligence, neural networks and blockchain to issues […]

Information Technology – Volume 6 – Issue 2

Editorial In this volume we present a bunch of articles of immediate relevance to the developers, managers and practitioners of IT, pertaining to security, modern digital applications, and intelligent use of Cloud Services. In the last quarter we saw a huge hype around cryptocurrencies and its foundation – the blockchain technology. We also witnessed the […]

Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 4

Editorial This volume starts with insight on some of the major news from IT world. News covers Google project Fi mobile virtual network operator, self-made wearable computer with Raspberry Pi, Top software defined storage vendors etc… After news section continuing with articles, first article continues with the series of company profile of SAP. So far, […]