Information Technology – Volume 6 – Issue 2


In this volume we present a bunch of articles of immediate relevance to the developers, managers and practitioners of IT, pertaining to security, modern digital applications, and intelligent use of Cloud Services. In the last quarter we saw a huge hype around cryptocurrencies and its foundation – the blockchain technology. We also witnessed the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, which is an annual event where the technology companies demonstrate their latest and greatest products and services. We present a bunch of news from CES, blockchains, Virtual Reality technology and other happenings in the field of technology in our “IT in news” article. Security is one of the key requirements of web based applications. In the article titled “Spring Security Integration in a Java Based Website”, the author gives a detailed and step-by-step guide to enable Spring Security based authentication for websites.

Amazon’s Lambda service provides a cost-efficient way of executing periodic or event-based tasks in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It lets users execute such tasks without requiring her to spawn and manage new VMs. Hence this service has become popular and is widely adopted by AWS users. In our next article “Automate Amazon AWS EC2 backups using Lambda Functions”, the author describes an application of AWS Lambda service for taking periodic backups of EC2 instances.

In our next article “Digital Applications – Key Considerations”, the author discusses some of the key functional and non-functional aspects of digital applications in the modern times of multiple form factors and high-speed internet connectivity. Today, people expect digital application, specifically those available over the internet, to work seamlessly across different form factors, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. In this article the author discusses this, and some other considerations like User Experience of applications, user controlled personalization, marketing and campaign management, customer analytics for continuous improvement in the application, application integration via flexible and robust APIs, etc. Along each of these dimensions, the author also presents various proprietary and open source tools available for application developers and managers.


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