Information Technology – Volume 5 – Issue 4


This volume starts with insight on some of the major news from IT world. News covers Google project Fi mobile virtual network operator, self-made wearable computer with Raspberry Pi, Top software defined storage vendors etc…

After news section continuing with articles, first article continues with the series of company profile of SAP. So far, we have seen how SAP came into existence and what its product portfolio was. This article gives us future road map of SAP with current technology trends like cloud computing, IOT, Big Data etc…. It also highlights current market share of SAP and how SAP is expanding by acquiring companies to increase its footprints in mobile, BigData, analytics and other domain applications market.

Next article talks about software testing. It highlights pros and cons of manual vs automated testing and guides us when to use them. It also quickly lists downs the automation testing tools currently available in the market.

Wearable computers is not a new concept anymore. People with more Health consciousness have already started using Fit-bit, tech and gadget loving are equipped with smart watches. Next article talks about wearable computers from developer point of view. Article aptly highlights key important areas like use case, technical consideration, challenges in developing Android based wearable app.

“Monitoring and Evaluation System (M&E)” plays  critical role in success of special projects undertaken by the Government and NGOs. M&E projects are weighed against its accuracy, data analysis. Project funding depends on data accuracy and on demand analytic reporting. There are specialized softwares available in the market provided by TCS, Kimetrica etc…. The article explains us M&E system, its main components and Process flow.



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