Information Technology – Volume 4 – Issue 2


In this volume we present articles covering a broad spectrum of Information technology. We begin with highlighting the latest trends and development in Information technology around the world through our news section. Following the news section, we start with articles giving detailed overview of popular technologies like SAP and SQL Server. We then move on the important topic of guiding and mentoring digital natives — kids and teenagers, and digital phobic, especially golden-agers in learning computers. Finally, we have articles on core Information technology topics like C++ 11, Computer networks and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection.

SAP is very popular enterprise software and is particularly well-known in Services industry. In the series of articles on Introduction to SAP, the author has meticulously presented various modules in SAP system. In this volume we present the fifth part of this series. In ‘SAP Part 5’, the author presents details of Business Intelligence modules and support tools of SAP. Specifically, the author provides a detailed overview of NetWeaver — an internet based application platform, SAP Business Warehousing — the analytics platform, and SAP HANA — the widely popular in-memory database useful for performing real-time analytic processing. In the modern world data driven decision making is the norm. This entail processing and analyzing large volumes of data, sometime in real-time based. As such extraction, transformation and loading of data are essential steps in the preprocessing of data. In the article on Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services, the author first establishes the importance of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) in modern enterprises. The author then dives deeper into the ETL capabilities of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) by first describing its architecture and then providing a quick tour of creating SSIS project in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). In the process the author describes the details of SSIS package consisting of Control flow, Data flow, and Event handler.


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